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i'm really sorry about posting this here. i used to be a really big fan of 'NSYNC a while back and ended up holding onto a bunch of merch. it's been sitting in a box for about 4 years (it's been a while!). i'm getting ready to move out on my own and i need to get rid of some stuff. seeing as i don't want to bring it with me, i figured i'd post something here to see if anyone wants it. i don't have an ebay account, trust me i'd put all this up there if i could!! i really don't want to throw this stuff away.. i spent a lot of money on it and i'm sure someone, somewhere will want it. i'd keep it but like i said, i'm moving and i'm not going to have anywhere to put it. behind the cute is a list of what i have. name your price for anything, i'm not gonna be too money hungry about it. i just don't wanna give anything away for free.. ya know what i mean?? if anyone is interested, my email address is and my AIM screenname is traptinaheadrush. again, i'm really sorry for posting this here. oh and this may be x-posted as well. sorry!!!

'NSYNC - Tearin' Up the Charts (book)
'NSYNC - Tearin' Up Our Hearts (book)
'NSYNC - With JC (book)
T.V. Guide - 'NSYNC
'NSYNC - Get 'NSYNC With the Guys (magazine/book)
Teen People - Special Collectors Edition (February 2001)
Backstage Pass - Just Justin (published by Scholastic)
Gold Collectors Series Entertainment Magazine - 'NSYNC "No Strings Attached" tour special
Backstage Pass Premiere Issue (September 2000)
Special Collectors Edition - 'NSYNC (J-14 magazine)
'NSYNC - book
collectors stamps (8 in all)
28 different Photocards
Official 'NSYNC game
Lance and Justin beanny bears
'NSYNC - self-titled cd
'NSYNC - No Strings Attached
'NSYNC - A Little More Time on You (single)
'NSYNC patch
'NSYNC watch
'NSYNC fisherman hat
'NSYNC hit clips
'NSYNC video

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